i’m so sleepy
physically, emotionally
mentally, overall
exhausted, fatigued
just so fucking tired
why the hell
can’t you let me rest
just give me a damn minute
to rest my weary head
my mind can’t function
without some shut-eye
and i can’t shut eye
with you on my fucking mind
and you’re always on my fucking mind
just let me sleep

our grizzly stares

yet faces stoic

resentment froths

beneath the surface

reason unknown

for interaction is minimal

we don’t know each other

but we know how we feel

and so we glance

furtive and hateful

seething with spite

in spite of ourselves


Rough Sea, 1881
Claude Monet


Rough Sea, 1881

Claude Monet

tagged: ◇lookit 

not isolated, no

but often in feeling

people are there 

but not quite so healing

presence is seen

yet not really sensed

voices are heard

i feel no less tense

the humans around

no humanity give

if they define existence

i don’t think i live

i quite often dream

more often than not 

beneath stars that gleam

below sun so hot 

of fantastical worlds-

the colors all swirl-

o! won’t you go dreaming with me?


Morning by the Sea, 1881
Claude Monet


Morning by the Sea, 1881

Claude Monet

tagged: ◇lookit 
tagged: ◇lookit 

Track: Gymnopédie No. 1
Artist: Erik Satie


Gymnnopédie No.1 - Erik Satie

stoic, apathetic-

quite often i’m told

my inside is empty,

my expression is cold

one sees only nothing

two blank, staring eyes

surely it’s me!

but it’s all a disguise

inside is a mess

emotions all over

i can’t keep them straight

nothing’s in order

some people give feelings-

i’m an emotional hoarder

some people forget-

i’m a manic recorder

drifting, fading

slipping away

please leave my grip

i don’t want you to stay

i do deny so

but at the end of the day

i need you no more

you make life so gray

once vibrant and bright

now sullen and gone

the spark inbetween us

won’t last too much long

please! leave me be!

you go on and on

i know you don’t need me

why is your hold so strong?

the autumn day

it passes so slow

in summer we sped

didn’t want to know

we held on too tight

left no room to grow

now we have nothing

please, just let go